we turn ideas into work of art

Many projects have elements of concern in exterior visualization such as the meagre scale of the project, height of the structure, landscape design or custom live footage to be integrated in 3D. Along with exterior design team and detailed post production including colour grading, attention to detail at each stage makes each of our projects outstanding.
With a particular talent for creating large scale developments, Antares is the go to studio for master plan flythroughs, other large scale projects or even unique smaller developments.

We are passionate to translate the client’s emotions and thoughts into forms, colors and textures. We truly believe that a decor has a positive influence on the lives of people.
We are not Interior architects but are a young mix of creative designers with a flair for architecture and our associations with the renowned architects and developers have given us the edge to bring to the table some beautiful interior designs appropriate for the Classical or Contemporary nature of the project. Take a look at the Interior spaces designed by our team and you will be craving for more interior indulgence.

Animation Our goal is always to do great work and have fun. We really enjoy collaborating and our talented teams work on films and animations, 3d serials for TV, educational videos and more. Our animations are not just a representation of an idea or a product but more appropriately we capture the essence of it and bring it to life. The talented team we have at Antares brings together a pool of skills and creative innovation to showcase the animations in their own unique way.

Gaming &
Medical Animation
We have crossed boundaries of 3D visualization from not just restraining ourselves to architecture but also Gaming and Medical Animation. Visualization in Science and Education will continue a tradition of bringing together diverse communities of persons engaged in the production, study and application of visualizations to enhance and promote scientific understanding.

VR and Holographic
We empower our clients to experience virtual environments. Our groundbreaking techniques bring projects to life by crafting astonishing interactive experiences.
We have been working with VR tools, holographic displays and holographic projection systems for the longest time. We develop Virtual Reality systems and Holographic Projections by combining visual, audio and movement to create the most immersive experiences for experiential, consumer, retail, training and industrial purposes.


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